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    March 5, 2014, midnight

    Rock'n Revolution

    It is rare that bands in this day and age do anything different to the norm.  But rather than do the usual tours across the world going from place to place looking to enlist new fans for commercial purposes IROK, or Intergalatic Republic Of Kongo, is doing things differently.  They have recently been to Egypt to play concerts in the middle of civil unrest and on the brink of yet another revolution.  With Egypt on the brink, and its population exploding IROK defended upon the capital Cario to play a few makeshift gigs for absolute unsuspecting revolutionaries, and fans of freedom.  

    It is no surprise that they have taken to the streets to uplift the souls of a country.  Departing from the common club scene IROK have taken guerrilla concerts to an absolutely new level.  Since the inauguration of the IROK album at Birthdays it seems they are hacking threw the music scene with a machete in to uncharted territory.  We strongly urge you to check them out if you haven't heard of them already and add them to your playlist.  We surely will be playing tracks on our showroom playlist and look forward to their next gigs in London.  But we must admit the rest of the world needs IROK a bit more than the avid fans hear at Easternblock.  Long live the Intergalatic Republic of Kongo.  Props to the IROK Massive Islam Chipsy and Ronan Pollack taking the time to get this on tape.


    Feb. 26, 2014, midnight

    Author : EDCASH


    Author : EDCASH

    Vinti Andrews took FMX (Freestyle Motorcross) as their inspiration this season.  They looked at the Baja run, a race in California and Motorcross Big Air stunts and the gear they use to ride.  The collection is as usual mad as a hatter, but in many ways this season is on the edge more than ever. Vinti has captured the essence and character of the sport and merged it with street style all the while still being able to look good.  Like the riders who risk it all for the perfect ride Vinti Andrews had balls to take the collection really out there.  She went all out, and with that freedom and aggressive stance the collection really took form.    Vinti and Paul (the designers) took great care to reference the Motorcross details, and graphics and relate them into hardcore street fashion.  There is a real sense that Paul and Vinti would really rather be racing in the Baja Run this season than at London Fashion Week and thank god for that.  The collection kicks ass in ways that only the free styling hard riding men and women of the dunes can understand.  Without a doubt they have translated freestyle motocross into to city life, with those who wear it wishing for high speeds and opportunities of high risk.  We at eastern block thought it might be worth sharing with you a scene or two from the riders that inspired them.  Props to Marcel Stauffer the youngest badass in the land.  Stop Living and get busy Dying.


    Feb. 17, 2014, 6:46 p.m.

    Author : EDCASH

    3-2-1 Lift Off

    Author : EDCASH

    On the eve of London Fashion Week coming to an end, easternBlock showroom launches its revamped website.  The idea behind the reworking of the site was solely focused on all the common issues the agency had in relaying information out to buyers.  I had the chance to interview Dylan Wilde Hershman,  one of the companies directors to explain its aim;

    What was the reason for the change to the site?

      "Ema the companies founder gave me the brief to change the old web site.  She wanted to come up with a different solution for a showroom website as most look so boring.  The old website was page based, and in many ways was too static and could not be transformed or added to without going back to the web designer of the old system.  We wanted a system that ultimately gave us the freedom to showcase our designers in the easiest way possible for buyers to digest.  In the days of 50MB emails, nearly no one including my self wants to download all that information.  Even more so when your not even sure if it is relevant.  So the design of the site really focuses on the simple questions buyers always ask of background, biography, imagery, price points, stockists and showroom information.  Once we isolated these questions we then designed the site around these needs."

    So the focus is on the buyers…what about the designers.

    "Well obviously you start with where the money comes from, and so the buyer was foremost in our minds, but obviously the designers were of equal consideration as without the talent we have nothing to sell.   Ema wanted a section for designers that wasn't just a web link to their site but an overview of the designer as presented and edited by us.  The site focuses on personal choice.  The personal choice of how the brands want to represent themselves, the personal selection of the buyers and our personal choice of how to manage those choices visually.  For example our custom look book allows you to select the looks you like before you even get to the showroom and print them off.  Or in the event you can't make it to the showroom select the looks you like from all the designers and send it to us to let us know what your interested in. It allows the designers the chance to relay the sales information separately to their own sites and still express themselves."

    So its a designers and buyers tool?

    "No?  Its our tool in this digital time to get the information to the right people without being a pain in the butt clogging up the buyers inbox.    Being a buyer you need information accessible and ready to hand, we figured why not help rather than make it complicated.  We figured make it easy to get the info the buyers need and only time will tell if it helps with sales.  I am sure there will be kinks to work out but hey at least we tried to implement a system, a tool that no other showroom is offering at the minute.  Or at least not to my knowledge."

    Most sites of this nature have logins, why did you not choose to follow this pattern?

    "Ema and I felt that there is little or no traffic on the sites with a login, and further more whats the real harm, if people are going to copy, they are going to copy, half the industry is cannibalistic anyway. We will see if there is a need to do a login system,  but you have to put the info out there at some point.  Might as well be when your trying to gain interest and make appointments."

    SO is there more in the pipeline?  

    "Well lets just say that we want to get the brands we work with to understand how to use it as a tool, and get the buyers playing around, and see where it goes from there.  But yes once this is perfected, there is always more in the pipeline."